Friday, 24 August 2012


Simple and Easy Steps to Recover Forgotten LIC of India Portal Login User ID

·                     To get your forgotten User ID for LIC INDIA you have tosend an e-Mail requesting for the same to the e-Mail
·                     In the Subject Line of the e-Mail, mention “New Query
·                     In the contents of the e-Mail you have to mention your LIC Policy Details (just for verification purpose) such as:
o                                            Policy Number
o                                            Policyholder’s Name
o                                            Date of Birth
o                                            Date of Commencement
o                                            Complete Postal Address, etc.
·                     Now, send the e-Mail to above mentioned e-Mail ID i.e. You are done, you will surely get your forgotten LIC User ID within hours at the e-Mail ID (from which you have asked for it). Hence you have recovered your forgotten LIC India user ID, now it is time to recover your LIC India password, the process of which is mentioned below:

Simple and Easy Steps to Recover Forgotten LIC of India Portal Login Password

·                     Go to Forgot Password Page of LIC India Portal i.e.,
·                     In the Forgot Password Page you would be asked to enter the following:    Date of birth, and
o                                            User ID
·                     Fill up the above details there and Click on the Submit button. After few hours, you will get your LIC India Portal Login Password at your Original e-Mail ID (i.e., the e-Mail ID which was used at the time of Creation of LIC India Portal Login Account)
·                     Finally, you have successfully recovered your LIC INDIA Login User ID as well as LIC INDIA Login Password.
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